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Congratulations to the newest alumni of The Scripps Research Institute's Graduate Program! Read more about the 2017 ceremony.
Phil S. Baran, Darlene Shiley Professor of Chemistry at TSRI and Graduate Program alumnus (class of '02), was elected to the prestigious organization.
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The TSRI professor and graduate alumnus assumes the role of dean as the program celebrates its 25th graduating class.
Schultz Lab Reunion Celebrates 30+ Years of Science
Schultz Lab Reunion Celebrates 30+ Years of Science
Members and former members of the Schultz lab gathered for a three-day reunion and celebration, including an all-day symposium.
Alumni Spotlight
Graduate Alumna, class of 2011
As an FDA reviewer, Patel now tackles problems that affect millions of patients' lives. 
Scott Edwards
Postdoctoral Alumnus, 2007-13
Teamwork is critical for Edwards, as he explores the neurobiology of addiction at Louisiana State.
Federico Bernal
Graduate Alumnus, class of 2003
Now a P.I. at the National Cancer Institute, Bernal relies on his cross-disciplinary training at TSRI.
News Stories
Benjamin Cravatt Wins 2017 Robert M. Scarborough Award
Cravatt, professor and co-chair of TSRI's Department of Molecular Medicine, was honored by the American Chemical Society.
Graduate Alumnus Joins TSRI Faculty
Hans Renata is the newest faculty member on TSRI's Florida campus, where he combines love of structure, creativity and chemistry in a search for new therapeutics.
Upcoming Events
Alumni Pathways: Dejan Caglic, Ph.D
Dejan Caglic was a postdoctoral research associate in the Dickerson lab at TSRI from 2011-2014 and is now Senior Scientist, Enzymology at BASF in La Jolla, California. In this video, Dejan talks about his current role and shares tips for postdocs interested in transitioning to industry.